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Winner of Bee Gees Tribute tickets

I am pleased to announce that Mrs. Debra Sumsion emailed win@above-all.ca typed, ENTER ME in the subject line and WON. “NIGHT FEVER” Bee Gees tribute concert tickets on April 23rd at Brantford’s Sanderson Center. I want to thank everyone who entered. The show was an amazing tribute to the Bee Gees and we were delighted to see Brantford’s own, Kara Chandler as “Cher” the tribute artist opening for “Night Fever” I also want to thank the Sanderson Center, the producer Matt, our Brant News, “Diva Around Town,” Stacey Cox-Farrant and the “Night Fever” band, for welcoming us back stage and making this evening a meaningful VIP experience…Until next time. Teresa.flyer Deb & I Diva & Cher“Night Fever” BeeGees tribute video

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