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  • reduced my facial hair by 85% or more

    reduced my facial hair by 85% or more

    I had a beard from shaving my face. Laser only removed my dark hairs, leaving all of my blonde, red or Gray course hairs. Electrolysis at Above-All Esthetics has reduced...

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  • Finally $ well spent!

    Finally $ well spent!

    I started going to Above-All Aesthetic earlier this year. (2012) I am extremely happy with the level of cleanliness & efficiency. Teresa maintains a professional & sterile environment. I am...

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  • now 95% reduction

    now 95% reduction

    I had been waxing my face to rid unwanted hair for 30 years. My sister recommended Teresa at Above-all aesthetics for electrolysis. Teresa advised an individualized treatment plan for my...

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  • that hair never came back

    that hair never came back

    I had a black hair growing out of my nose. Teresa from Above-All treated it with electrolysis once and that hair never came back....

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  • 600 hairs removed

    600 hairs removed

    My first electrolysis hair removal treatment was three hours long with over 600 hairs removed. I now come for clean-up electrolysis treatments once every one-two months, for 15 minutes....

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  • Results with Teresa

    Results with Teresa

    After 20 years of having hair removal / electrolysis treatments elsewhere; I’ve had more hair reduction since going to Above-All Esthetics & Electrolysis and the best results with Teresa electrolysis...

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  • I am in very capable hands

    I am in very capable hands

    I thoroughly enjoy my Above-All Esthetics experiences, due to the very comfortable relaxing environment, undivided personal attention to detail and extremely high standards to cleanliness. Teresa is passionate about her...

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  • A safe & totally hygienic

    A safe & totally hygienic

    I feel great knowing that my electrolysis hair removal is going to be permanent and at Above-All Esthetics I feel I’m getting this done in a safe & totally hygienic...

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  • It only cost me

    It only cost me

    I was paying $50 to go out and have my toe nails clipped. Teresa at Above-all Esthetics has reliably cliped my toenails monthly, (Men-I-cure) for less then half that price....

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