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Portfolio Category: Electrolysis

Professional Woman

Upon my first visit to Above-All Aesthetics and Electrolysis, I was given a thorough tour of credentials and health and safety procedures followed faithfully. The electrolysis equipment is current and really works effectively (unfortunately I wasted a year getting treatments elsewhere on older equipment, yielding no results). Theresa is very friendly and keeps the sessions…
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rid of my unwanted facial hair

Teresa from Above-All Aesthetics and Electrolysis is determined to get rid of my unwanted facial hair. She is a very experiences electrologist and she is meticulous about cleanliness and hygiene. I had a lot of dark, course hairs and now I have only a few fine, almost clear hairs. She is amazing and has done…
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The look is natural and manly

Since bringing my son to Above-All Aesthetics & electrolysis and working with Teresa for unibrow electrolysis, he is no longer self conscious of his eyebrows. The look is natural and manly which is important to a teenager. Thanks Teresa for a great service.
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effectively and as precisely, as electrolysis

I had spent  $1000’s on waxing and laser hair removal; my brows, upper lip, under arms, bikini, legs… I now get electrolysis at Above-All Aesthetics for clean-up treatments of new hairs & to remove fine white or dark hairs. No Hair removal treatment is complete removing all hair effectively and as precisely, as electrolysis.
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