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Gift Cards & Client Referral Rewards

Gift Card purchases are redeemable towards any services offered at Above-All Aesthetics & Electrolysis. Secure purchases are made online via Above-All Aesthetics Pay Pal account and once complete you automatically receive an email voucher to redeem for services. Your gift card dollar value will be applied to the service you choose including the applicable tax.

If you have $50 gift card and your service is $42.56 plus $5.53 HST totaling $48.09, you will still have a credit of $1.91 to apply to your next service. If you have a $40 gift card and your service total is $48.09, you will then pay the difference owing of $8.09… Gift Cards do not expire but must be presented at the point of service / sale for redemption.

Recurring clients who refer a new client for any 1st treatment; the new client will receive 10% off for identifying the person whom referred them. The referring client, who sent the new person will receive 20% off their next treatment.

Recurring clients who purchase gift cards for a new client will receive 20% off their next treatment. After the new client redeems the gift card they will be eligible to receive 10% off their next (2nd) treatment.

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