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Reward Yourself

Reward yourself with a royal “ hot towel” hand &/or foot treatment. Hard working hands need to encounter the comfort and benefit of our “Duchess” or “Duke” Manicures. Experience the sole soothing difference of our “King” or “Queen” Pedicures. Our Reflex Foot Massage will inspire a relaxation state for your body and mind.

For the “no-frills client” who prefers to uphold quality nail hygiene we offer three basic nail care services. The “Lord” or “Lady” nail-clipping, skin refreshing hand and foot treatments or the “Men-I-Cure” the “Perfect 10 or 20 nails” clip, clean and file service.  All hand & foot treatments are performed utilizing disposable, sterile implements and quality products. I look forward to providing you with pricing at your consultation, for a “feel great” skin & nail care strategy today. Call/text Teresa at 519-209-4968.

Age is not a factor, however parental consent at consultation is required for teens, under the age of consent. Treatments are by appointment only. Teresa maybe providing an uninterrupted service to others so email or voice-mail your contact information.  Reply within 24 hours.

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